Over-the-counter transaction: ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc) agreed and signed an agreement to acquire Precision Powered Products Incorporated, Texas

2021-11-16 07:43:44 By : Mr. Michaeol Song

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New York, New York, October 21, 2021 (Global News Service)-Via NewMediaWire-ILUS International (OTC code: ILUS) is an M&A company focused on acquiring and developing global public safety technology companies. The company has been completing multiple acquisitions in 2021, the most recent being Bull Head Products in Tennessee. ILUS has now agreed and signed its third acquisition of Precision Powered Products Inc in the United States. The company is a mature professional fire pump system manufacturing company, mainly serving the oil and gas industry, with an annual revenue of approximately 8 million. Dollar.

Precision Powered Products Inc. was founded in 1984 and operates from its 16,000 square foot factory in Houston, Texas. The company’s impressive oil and gas customer base includes companies such as BP, Shell, Exxon Mobil and Anadarko. In addition to 36 years of operation, this profitable company employs 15 people with extensive industry experience; it has multiple engineering, welding, manufacturing, installation and maintenance certifications, and has a large number of machinery and equipment. In addition to developing its existing business and leveraging its rich database of customers and contacts, ILUS also plans to build Precision Powered Products as a US manufacturing center for FireBug's existing and future fire pumps and pump-related equipment. The FireBug equipment manufactured by Precision Powered Products will include a series of new wasteland firefighting equipment, which will be distributed nationwide by ILUS’s Georgian distributor, which is already the leading distributor of firefighting equipment in the United States. These pumps and equipment will also be distributed by future fire-fighting equipment distributors that ILUS plans to acquire. ILUS’s Bull Head Products will also order all of its fire truck pumps from Precision Powered Products. ILUS expects that a large portion of its fire fighting equipment sales in the United States will form part of a complete fire truck solution. Therefore, both Bull Head Products and ILUS's US distributors will sell ILUS fire trucks, and Precision Powered Products will manufacture pumps and some equipment installed on the vehicles. ILUS dealers will also be able to provide any additional firefighting equipment required for the complete vehicle.

Precision Powered Products currently produces custom-designed and engineered fire-fighting water pump systems, engineering skids and installed modular equipment. The company also provides OEM manufacturing, assembly and services to major pump manufacturers. It provides services and repairs to pump systems on oil wells and offshore drilling platforms, as well as on-site at the Houston plant. ILUS will transfer some key members of the existing engineering team currently located in Dubai to Houston, where they will work with Precision Powered Product’s welders, manufacturers and assembly technician teams to manufacture FireBug’s existing pumps and design additional subversions Sexual technology. Precision Powered Products has additional manufacturing space and a large outdoor product testing area, which ILUS can use for FireBug's existing products.

ILUS has multiple short-term goals to promote the growth of precision power supply products. These include investing in the company’s maintenance department, which is the main source of additional revenue, using additional sales resources to target the global business, including existing ILUS customers and contacts in the Middle East and Europe, improving the company’s outdated website and reorganizing various Operation process to obtain higher efficiency. Jason Bolze, ILUS Global Sales Director, has been in Houston to plan and implement these short-term goals with the current management of Precision Powered Products.

ILUS stated in a previous press release that it has a clear three-pronged acquisition strategy in the United States, one of which is to obtain manufacturing capabilities for its existing products in order to absorb existing sources of income and knowledge in the acquisition process Property rights and asset process. Precision Powered Products has been successfully designing and manufacturing complex engineering products for nearly 40 years, mainly through recommendation, word of mouth, bid winning and renewal to develop and maintain the business. Although ILUS will begin manufacturing its own fire pumps and pump-related equipment at Precision Powered Products within 3 months, the company will maintain its current focus on quality and excellent customer service, supplemented by an aggressive sales strategy and greatly improved Global digital business.

Now, ILUS is acquiring the manufacturing and distribution capabilities of its existing emergency service technology in the United States, and it is already working hard to complete the acquisition of the American fixed fire protection system manufacturing, distribution and installation capabilities. This will provide ILUS' revolutionary fixed system technology with access to the U.S. market, which can combat battery fires and kitchen fires. The company is also conducting due diligence on a group of British companies that manufacture and distribute innovative technologies that align with ILUS’s roadmap strategy. At the same time, ILUS is also committed to completing multiple partnerships and acquisitions for breakthrough emergency response software and IoT solutions.

John-Paul Backwell, Managing Director of ILUS, commented: "With our participation, the revenue potential of precision power products is surprising. This will become a manufacturing base for our American fire pumps and equipment, and they will work with our existing acquisitions. Work, they will complement each other. We are also eagerly seeking opportunities to enter the oil and gas market in a more direct and targeted way. Now we have acquired professional manufacturing capabilities and experience, a strong current source of income, and The multinational companies with the greatest opportunities to cooperate with some companies in the world ensure that they not only see the benefits that precision power products can bring to them, but also see what all the technologies and partnerships of ILUS can provide them on a global scale. The various parts of the puzzle are perfectly in place. We are implementing our strategy, but more importantly, we are creating a powerful growth machine that will provide the best technology to where it is most needed. In recent months, We have achieved a lot. I am proud of the efforts of our ILUS team. We are very grateful for the shareholder’s support, but we are now using our momentum to work harder because we know that we are still at the foundation stage rather than executing our actual growth potential."

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