Process gas compressor recovery hydrogen compressor for sale

Advantages of KEEPWIN Process Gas Compressor:1.   High quality material, Stable & Reliable operation2.  Low Maintenance cost & Low noise3.  Easy to install on site and connect with the user\'s pipeline system to operate4.  Alarm automatic shutdown to protection machine function5.&n

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Process Gas Compressor Recovery Hydrogen Gas Compressor for Sale

Advantages of KEEPWIN Process Gas Compressor:
1.   High quality material, Stable & Reliable operation
2.  Low Maintenance cost & Low noise
3.  Easy to install on site and connect with the user's pipeline system to operate
4.  Alarm automatic shutdown to protection machine function
5.  Corrosion Resistance

Lubrication includes : Oil lubrication, low-oil lubrication and oil free lubrication;
Cooling method includes: Water cooling, and air cooling.
Installation type includes: Stationary and Skid Mounting.
Process Gas Compressor Recovery Hydrogen Gas Compressor for Sale
M-type Reciprocating Compressor

Keepwin has developed models for M3.5,M5.5,M8,M16,M25,M32 and M50 series compressors.  The products are stable,reliable and have already been in series and modularized.keepwin can aslo rapidly provide products of other specifications through modular combination design upon users' requirements.  
Besides general gas such as air, the compressed medium may also include flammable and explosive gas, such Natural Gas and Coal Gas as well as special gas which are toxic and corrosive. KEEPWIN has taken a series of technical measures in aspects such as structure material, explosion prevention, anto-control and protection to guarantee safety and reliability. Products are widely used in variety of industries such as Petrochemicals, Fine ChemicalsPharmaceutical ChemicalsChemical textile, Gas Separation, Metallurgy Mine Machinery, Energy ChemicalsMachinery IndustryElectronics IndustryAgricultureAnimal Husbandry and Defense Industry, AstronomyAerospace,Medical and other fields.
.Process Gas Compressor Recovery Hydrogen Gas Compressor for Sale

Process Gas Compressor Recovery Hydrogen Gas Compressor for Sale
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Note:for the other customizing process gas compressor, please kindly send below information to our factory to calculate the producing cost for your item.
Clients' inquiries should contain related parameters 
A. The gas compression medium 
B. Gas composition? or the gas purity?
C. The flow rate: _____Nm3/hr
D. Inlet pressure: _____ Bar (gauge pressure or absolute pressure)
E. Discharge pressure: _____ Bar (gauge pressure or absolute pressure)
F. Inlet temperature
G.Discharge temperature
H. Cooling water temperature as well as other technical requirement.
D type Reciprocating Compressor Technical Parameters
No.Model Compressed mediumF.A.D (Nm3/h)Inlet Pressure
( Mpa)
Exhuast Pressure 
Weight (t)  
12D8W-119/3.9~15Recovery hydrogen gas119N0.39~0.481.54504855800*2250*29707.610000
22D8W-187.5/5~10Regenerated gas187.5N0.514004854890*1875*25508.710000
32D8W-110/7~23Nitrogen gas110N0.72.34004854700*2000*23308.410000
42D8W-60/6coal gas600.001~0.00250.64004854894*2245*33939.510000
62D12W-160/3~mixed gas with hydrogen160N0.31.15604286300*2400*28008.810000
72D12W-70/0.4~13Rich gas70N0.041.35604855700*2600*35008.86000
82D12W-152/3.5~12.5Rich gas152N0.35~0.41.255604205700*2600*280010.26000
92D12W-256/4~9Regenerated gas256N0.40.96304205600*2400*350013.110000
102D12W-192/2.5~8.5Regenerated gas192N0.250.856304205500*2600*350013.110000
112D12W-267/5~11Nitrogen and hygrogen gas267N0.51.16304206000*2600*320013.110000
122D25W-83/2.5~8.5Regenerated gas830.250.858503727350*2400*37602110000
132D25W-230/2.5~8.5Regenerated gas230N0.250.858003727350*3400*3760216000
142D25W-26.5/10~40Natural gas26.51410003727350*2400*376013.510000
152D25W-252/4~12.5Rich gas252N0.41.257103757400*2650*350012.910000
162D25W-252/4~12.5Rich gas252N0.41.257303757400*2650*350013.510000
172D25W-110/0.2~6Rich gas1100.020.67103727600*3700*470013.510000
182D32W-321.2/2.5~8.5Regenerated gas321.2N0.250.8510003757800*2800*37602510000
192D32W-392.7/4.5~15Dry feed gas392.7N0.451.512503757800*2000*4000266000
202D32W-150/0.2~6Rich gas150N0.020.610003338400*4530*40003610000
212D32W-87.5/0.4~15.5Rich gas87.5N0.041.557103758100*4500*47003210000
222D32W-160/0.2~10Methane gas 160N0.02112003338400*4500*52303610000
232D32W-174/9~64Natural gas174N0.96.39003338200*4000*47302510000
242D32W-145/5~39Feed gas145N0.53.98003718200*4000*47302510000
252D50W-233/2~19Reaction gas890.21.911203338700*3400*47002810000
262D50W-463/4.8~16Feed gas463N0.481.614003338700*3400*47002910000
272D50W-461.7/5.8~17Tail  gas461.7N0.581.714003338700*3400*47002910000
302D80W-128/2~7Regenerated gas1280.20.710003009600*4200*50005210000
312D80W-340/2.2~27.5Mixed refrigerant 3400.222.7518003339600*4500*50005510000
 Test and inspection
1. Part Material Inspection: Before shipment inspecting the mechanical properties and chemical composition of the following parts and provide inspection reports: cylinder, cylinder head, crankshaft, crankcase, main bearing, connecting rod, piston rod, piston rod, cross head, connecting rod bush connecting bolt, cross head pin, etc. 
2. Nondestructive inspection: the supplier shall perform non-destructive inspection of the following parts.
Hydrostatic test and pressure test
The test pressure of cylinder block, cylinder head, piston and other compressed parts is at least 1.5 times of the maximum allowable working pressure, and lasts more than 30 minutes. The test pressure of the above parts of the water chamber is at least 1.5 times the maximum allowable working pressure, not less than 0.6MPa.

Process Gas Compressor Recovery Hydrogen Gas Compressor for Sale

Process Gas Compressor Recovery Hydrogen Gas Compressor for Sale
Our services:
Keepwin Provides Top-Rated, Efficient Reciprocating Compressors And Parts. Energy Efficient. Industry Leading Warranty. Low Maintenance. Gas Solution Engineer and Easy Install, promises to give a definite reply within 6 hours for the after-sales product service, can provide overseas Installation service. We can customize all kinds of standard air compressor, flammable gas compressor, toxin gas compressor of reciprocating compressor & diaphragm compressor.

What is advantages of our company?
Right Compressor Right Solution Gas Engineer Company
Whether centrifugal, screw or reciprocating, Keepwin is the sole multi-compressor provider for you.
The Best Quality, The Most Reliability
What is need to consider when purchase a correct compressor Upgrade Your Gas Compressor to Save Money & Energy Consumption Gas compressors are a vital part of many industry applications.
Save money and energy in your industrial workplace by upgrading your gas compressor today!

Process Gas Compressor Recovery Hydrogen Gas Compressor for Sale    Process Gas Compressor Recovery Hydrogen Gas Compressor for Sale Process Gas Compressor Recovery Hydrogen Gas Compressor for Sale

Process Gas Compressor Recovery Hydrogen Gas Compressor for Sale

Q1: What's your delivery time?
A: Generally for standard air compressor is 15 days if there are stocks with regular 380V/50Hz/3ph.
    Special customizing compressors with 30days production date for Screw Compressor, 90days for diaphragm compressor & reciprocating process gas compressor.

Q2: How long is your air compressor warranty?
A: Usually 1 year /12 Months for whole compressor machine, 2years/24months for air end (except maintenance spare parts.). And we can provide further warranty if necessary. 

Q3: How long could your air compressor be used?
A: Generally, more than 10 years.

Q4: Can you do OEM for us?
A: Yes, of course. We have around two decades OEM experience.And also we can do ODM for you.

Q5: What's payment term?
A: T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Credit Card, Trade Assurance and etc. Also we could accept USD, RMB, GBP, Euro and other currency.

Q6: How about your customer service?
A: 24 hours on-line service available. 48hours problem sovled promise.

Q7: How about your after-sales service?
A: 1. Provide customers with intallation and commissioning online instructions.
2. Well-trained engineers available to overseas after-sales service. 

Q8. Are you factory?
A4: Absolutely! You have touched the primary sources of Air /Gas Compressor. We are factory.

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