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Our main means of transportation use rubber tires. These tires will wear out after a period of use, and they really need to be disposed of.

Our main means of transportation use rubber tires. These tires will wear out after a period of use, and they really need to be disposed of. Earlier, these were just discarded in landfills, which greatly caused environmental degradation. Technology has found a remedy that uses pyrolysis to treat waste tires and convert them into useful by-products. Obtain MSW pyrolysis equipment.

When waste tires are gently heated by using fuels such as coal, wood, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, etc., the tire pyrolysis plant consists of a reactor. This reactor can have an automatic feeder and use waste tires to feed it. These tires tend to be shredded before heating, because this greatly increases the area of ​​rubber that needs to be burned and speeds up the process. The pulverizer is usually a part of the pyrolysis equipment, and the material must be put into the feeding device before being installed in the reactor. Obtain Beston pyrolysis equipment cost estimates.

Once the reactor reaches a high temperature, vapors will be released, which will be sent to the condenser, which will liquefy the oil and store it in the tank. The lighter, uncondensed gas can be further processed and sent to the furnace to be used as fuel. This may help reduce the fuel cost of running these pyrolysis plants.

When producing fuel oil, the reactor must be able to cool down. At these lower temperatures, carbon black will be discharged automatically. It is indeed an important by-product and is used in many industries. If the steel is already melted in the scrap tires, it should be removed with hooks or magnets alone. This is also a good by-product that can be sold to recyclers for use. See description of pyrolysis process.

Some tire pyrolysis plants are created to work continuously without shutting down to recover by-products and achieve economic operation, because when the reactor is initially charged and ignited, it still uses oil and gas as fuel to work continuously, and arrangements are designed to recover carbon black and Steel wire without interrupting the production process. Compared with factories that actually work on a batch basis, these factories require a high degree of automation. These factories may only need to stop performing any maintenance or repairs, and work non-stop for a month, and even more time will not be unknown. However, they need to be very careful because they must have a constant quality suitable for all plants. Batch factories can change their feed quality after each batch. The oil produced in tire pyrolysis plants is very effective and can be found in furnaces and other equipment that requires heating.

The tire pyrolysis plant and its related technologies have greatly solved environmental problems, because more than 1.5 billion tires are produced every year, which eventually wear out and become waste materials that need to be discarded. These plants can also be used to treat waste plastics, oil sludge and other wastes, which produce similar by-products immediately after necessary treatment. Click

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